Dear Friends , the theme of GJIIE 2011 was “ Next Level “. Well it was well achieved executed. 

          We had many new things implemented in the last show for e.g shuttle A/C bus services for business delegates visiting the fair. Four fashion shows inside the exhibition hall covering three days. A truly highlighted evening like the international fairs. 

          Further we had come up with a lucky gold coin for the lucky visitor of the day – morning and afternoon. There were premium stalls of larger area which was widely appreciated. The show by itself had crossed many milestones and grown big to be defined as the next level. There was a huge variety of exhibitors of India and many international stalls. Reaching remote areas in Karnataka and Kerala helped GJIIE 2011 to get faces. In totality both exhibitor and visitor turnout had grown by more than 35 % 40% 

          I would Like to mention at this juncture that the rebooking for exhibitors for GJIIE 2012 has been tremendous. We are almost 75% full! This by itself defines what confidence GJIIE has achieved. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the predecessors who had worked hard for this day arrive. 

          UBM India has been tremendous force to develop and make this event a truly international one. We from the MJDMA really thank the whole team of UBM for their hard work .

          Now coming to our own MJDMA GJIIE team, it is sheer passion for us jewellers to have spent time and energy. That has brought GJIIE to this level. It would be apt to theme GJIIE 2012 as “ PASSION” since I would like to dedicate this show to the whole MJDMA team and UBM India Pvt. Ltd., All this would not have taken shape if not for the support and encouragement shown by our esteemed exhibitors and respected visitors. We promise you spectacular GJIE 2012! 

Warm Regards

Mr. Rajesh Vummidi 

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